Network Rules

Server Rules

1. Wheaton's Law
Wil Wheaton says, "Don't be a dick."

1.1. Illegal Activity
Activity that is illegal is not permitted on our servers. This includes but
is not limited to such things as warez/copyright infringement, as well as the
sharing of pornography involving minors. We cannot tolerate illegal activity
on our servers, and, as such, this will be dealt with fairly harshly.

1.2. Mass Spamming / Botnets
Mass spamming by any user or a group of users or bots is strictly prohibited.

1.3. Impersonation of Network Staff
Impersonation of network staff by any user who is not network staff is not
allowed. If you have a question as to whether or not a particular user is
network staff, feel free to ask in #help or via HelpServ and we will do our best
to explain the situation or explain that we didn't contact you.

2. The Network Administration does not interfere with channel affairs.
Channel affairs are left to the channel ops. Channel affairs are any matters
affecting one or more channels that do not affect the majority of channels on
the network and do not involve a violation of the network rules. If a
violation of the network rules is involved, it becomes a network affair and
may be handled by the network administration. Otherwise, dealing with the
issue in question is left up to the operators of the affected channel.

3. Captain Nicolas says, "Pants are optional!"