Getting Help

We do our best to make getting help incredibly simple. You can use any of the methods listed below to get help with issues regarding the network or to make suggestions.

Live Help - #help

This is the fastest of the methods hereā€”live help. On our network, simply join #help and ask us your question.

Help Tickets - HelpServ

If you can't join #help or nobody is in #help at the time, you can submit a help ticket via HelpServ. Use /hs request <info> to send a request for help, and we will respond as soon as possible either via private message (if you're online) or via MemoServ (if you're not). For more information on HelpServ, see HelpServ's help files with /hs help.

Email Support

If you're having trouble connecting, then perhaps neither of the above methods are particularly suitable. If you need help connecting, send mail to and we'll do our best to get you in. If the issue is that you're banned, please instead send mail to, and we'll do our best to explain what happened or reverse the ban if it was a mistake.